a moment.


Okay. Really going to try and keep this one going now.

You know, every year on New Years Day I always make a resolution that things are going to be different in the coming year. And sure, things do sometimes change, but I always feel like year on year my life is dragging along with the same ups and downs. There isn’t anything inspiring going on – I want fun, new projects, new friends and hobbies and sports and activities.

When people ask me about what I did on the weekend, I no longer want to say ‘nothing much’. I want to have new stories every week about the exciting things I did and will do. I want to be inspired and optimistic and look forward to living.

It’s hard for me to admit but so often I feel angry and disappointed, lonely and without-hope – and irrationally so. Maybe starting a blog will help me find some inspiration and hope again.

Who says I can’t choose which day to begin?


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